Do you or a loved one have cancer?

Are you struggling with your diagnosis?

Have you turned to God for help?

Do you know Christ?

Christ and Cancer was created to answer all these questions and to minister to people who are struggling with a cancer diagnosis, either for themselves or a loved one.

Our purpose is for you to further develop your relationship with God. This site is a place where you can spend time with God through various medias, pray for others and get encouragement as you face a cancer diagnosis in your life.

When you are faced with struggle the only place for true peace is in the loving arms of Christ. If you don’t know Christ, we pray that this site will be the place where you meet Him for the first time.

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    Christ and Cancer, Inc. 6470 Peach Blossom St. Corona, CA 92880

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    How your donations are used:

    • *Evangelism: Sharing and teaching of hope in Christ to those who are suffering
    • *Paying for patient lodging at Matthew's Miracle House
    • *Laiken's Legacy House Building Fund
    • *Financial assistance to cancer families
    • *Expenses and administration of Christ and Cancer

    About your donation

    Christ and Cancer is a United States Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) public charitable organization, and also a California not-for-profit corporation. Donations to Christ and Cancer are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.